Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Alimodiananon Dance Troupe on Saturday Night :

Now what is that we are going to do here? Let's dance the night away. Do the Cha-Cha, the slow and romantic Rumba, the earthy Mambo and Meringue, and the everlasting romance of the Tango, and finish it with the athletic Jibes. Line Dancing? Why not..
Introducing the "alimodiananon dance group (troupe)" of Toronto. Sitting at the left is our DI. And yours truly is standing at the right. Dress code for the night, No Jeans and rubber shoes (dancing shoes preferred).

Our DI "boy" and Larah doing the intricate Mambo number.

Me and Larah (not my usual partner) getting the feel of the hardwood. Note the background of mostly seniors club members.

Just came home from our Saturday Night dancing in one of Toronto's social dance halls. This is a social club whose member are mostly seniors who meet several nights a week, usually on weekends, Friday to Sunday to dance away the winter blues and what a group of dancers they are. Our DI brought us to this place to give us the taste of ballroom dancing in real world. Well, not only ballroom dancing, Latin and international numbers, but also line dancing and lots of numbers unique only to some nationals. And who said our seniors can't kick the hardwood as quick and in harmony with the music like those stars in the Dancing with The Stars show? Most of them can dance way better than Jerry Springer.
And here's the joke we came up tonight. "your nursing home or mine"?
This posting is dedicated to verns, as she noted in her previous comments; where are the Pixs?