Sunday, December 10, 2006

How Low Can They Get?

How Low Can They Get??

Some Comic Events happened in some Press Conference held by the Philippines Politicians, where a Citizen who rose among the groups of Media People and said his Piece towards the Speaker of the House and his Group of Representatives, and was immediately mobbed by the crowd, hustled out of the conference room, poured water by one of the country’s leading Newspaper Writers and was vilified for interrupting the “news conference”.

This was not a surprising event in the Philippines, where Politics is a Dirty Word. Where Politicians are accused of corruptions, unbridled corruptions and they are playing the Lords of the country. Majority of the 80 millions of the county’s Citizens suffering in Silence of abject poverty, not because the country is poor - it has a very rich natural resources, a well-educated young professionals and trades people that are in demand in most other parts of the world, other than their own, but because of the mismanagement, the concentration of wealth to the very few Oligarch that use the convenience of Politics to maintain and hold their interest and the wealth of Nation. And these Oligarch also known as the Ruling Class or the Elites can just about afford to pay their ways and that’s is including influencing what we have known here in this part of our world, as the guardian of the Truth and the ultimate check, the Media. Going that low, we can only hope that there is no other way to go... but up..